Car Recycling

Car recycling from Katheris SA which becomes active in Crete, providing high specification services.

Final deletions until 20th December every year

What will I need to remove my car?

1) My vehicle (good condition)

2) Owner’s identity or authorization and photocopy of identity

3) VAT number and public fiscal service

4) Vehicle’s registration number

(in case of loss I ask for a copy of permit from the Department of transport and communications)

5) Car plates
(in case of loss, make a statement to the police-certification of lost plates)

6) Van or police van
A carnet (with changes)
If it does not exist, contact us

*In case of temporary immobility of passenger vehicles, I need these specific documentations from the tax office:

Cover sheet for permit and the plates or statement of final deletion from the tax office through a photocopy

Photocopy of permit from the tax office

**In case of immobility of trucks I need:

A carnet (with changes)
(in case of loss, contact us)

The document of immobility from the Department of transport and communications

Copy of permit

***In case of an SA company or organization, I need further:

Decision of the board of directors for the final deletion of the vehicle

GG (Leaf of the Government Gazette) and duration of the company

Representative’s identity card

Representative’s authorization to third party for the delivery and recycling of the vehicle

(download here)

Representative’s declaration

In any of the above cases, if a reservation of title is mentioned in the car registration certificate, the removal of the reservation must be performed by the engineering department.

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