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Read more for the company profile of Katheris SA which has been active in the sector of recycling in Crete.

Historical background

1979 1979
1991 1991
2003 2003
2004 2004
2006 2006
2008 2008
2019 2019


The history starts in 1979 when two brothers Savvas and Miltiadis Katheris founded the enterprise and started collecting materials themselves from the city of Heraklion.


In 1991, after the increase of work, the company relocated to a bigger place to Finikia in Heraklion, where they had their first drivers.


In 2003, they opened their first branch office in the district of Rethymno which constitutes point of delivery of products until today.


In 2004, the company was given authority to edit electronic devices and added to its recyclable materials list a lot more.


In 2006, the second branch office in the industrial area of Heraklion opened, which was licensed by EDOE for the delivery and final deletion of cars. The delivery of recyclable products and vehicles takes place until today.


In 2008, the central store was transferred to its permanent base to Finikia, Heraklion.


In 2019, the company was licensed for the collection of lamps and light bulbs.

“The company is evolving constantly and remains competitive, while improving its services. It has also employed 51 people so far and hopes for the best result.”  

Our goal

The aim of Katheris S.A is to initiate the public into the mentality of recycling, to sensitize our fellow citizens and to make recycling and the protection of the environment a way of life.

The biggest bet for us is to recycle constantly as many recyclable materials as possible.

The goal of the company is to sensitize younger people and for this reason through schools, our effort is constant and relentless.

With the useful support of our suppliers and customers, who tend to rise and be sensitized, we commit ourselves to recycle more tons of iron and metal.

ISO Certifications

ISO 45001

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 39001


Collection and transportation of non-hazardous waste

Collection and transportation of dangerous waste (accumulators)

Processing and handling of non-hazardous waste

Collection and transportation of light bulbs

Ship dismantling

Dismantling of constructions, wind turbines and the like


Collection point for ELVS’ (end-of life vehicles) disposal

ELVS dismantlers

Storage, triage and mechanical processing of metal, paper and plastic waste-shredder

Storage of dangerous waste (WEEE, batteries, brake fluid, antifreeze)

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