What does DWR mean?

DWR (digital waste registry) is an electronic service (4th level) provided by the Ministry and includes the electronic registration of the indebted bodies (Firms and Organizations) in the register and at the same time supports the listing of their activities (Facilities and activities Collection-Transfer) in combination with the statement of the waste that they handle and the permits that prove them. It also covers the obligation for the submission of the waste report according to new charts that the team of YPEN has drawn up. In addition, it offers the possibility to the administrators of DWR to produce reports by processing the data inserted in the informative system by the indebted bodies.

Favored users of DWR are:

  • Firms/Organizations that are involved in the production, retrieval, disposition, storage, collection and waste transfer and as indebted: a) appertain to categories A &B of chapter A, Law number 4014/2011, b) perform collection projects and waste transfer, and also the Municipalities of the country
  • The facilities of the Firms/Institutes that produce or/and receive (process/store) waste by third parties
  • The collection activities and waste transfer

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