Our People our strength

Through this article, our company would like to thank everyone for their daily support. This is not an educational or informative article. It’s our daily routine, the story of feelings for our personnel. Every day, we work for a workplace that will foster everyone’s development. Katheris S.A. has been active in the recycling field since 1979. It is about a family business which aims to a greener island, a green Crete. It is with our great pleasure, the fact that the amount of recyclable products increases every year, and at the same time so does the number of our
workers, and this year we occupy 53 employees. Last year was quite difficult for every company due to Covid- 19, but our employees remained steadily by our side, and with their non-stop help
we managed to keep going and this year we are ready and strong enough to recycle even more materials and products than before. This is how we want to keep going, with optimism and persistence.
Our goal: By our side, we want people who are proud of their workplace. These people contribute daily to the society of Crete. Because they can process metallic waste -and more- in order to create a greener island, a green Crete. What more would an employer want than to be proud of the employees’ work? There are hard times, intense, but what does that mean? Their smiles,
their intention, their focus on our daily struggle give us the strength to keep going.
It is an incredible feeling knowing that you have the support you are showering your people with and that this mutual effort reflects on the company.

Once again we thank you.

Department of Human Resources,
Katheris S.A

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