Recycling Hashtags


How many times are we looking for the appropriate Hashtag while thinking of something old or unusable? Something junked or that needs to be recycled. Well, we for sure think about that a lot!!
The question is: Okay and how can I contribute? When you spot anything ready for recycling or even something that you think is useless, do not forget to share it with the following hashtags
#giatoukatheri or # γιατουκαθέρη, to create a convey with all that needs to be recycled in Crete!

Where can I use it? You can use it on Facebook and Instagram. Other Useful Hashtags for Recycling in Crete: #katheris #Recycling
#recyclingcrete #creteingreen #katheristeam

Start now and spread the emergency message to recycle, to have a greener island, a green Crete.

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