Suggestions on waste reduction before recycling.

Our opinion is that “The best waste is the one that has never been produced” and this is why we give great importance hierarchically to the following: the hiring process, the reduction to waste, the reuse, and lastly the possibility of recycling. Recycling is not only the blue bin; there are more ways of separation and material placement at recycling centers all over Crete, materials such as
batteries, light bulbs, refrigerators, and stoves, etc.

Suggestions on reducing waste before recycling:
1. Choose reusable bags or the traditional net to transfer your
2. Avoid sparing food that creates organic waste.
3. Try buying products in bulk, when you get the chance, or
choose big/family-sized packages.
4. Prefer ecological, rechargeable, or confluent products.
5. Drink tap water when it is drinkable.
6. Buy products whose packages are reusable, such as bottles
and not one-use cans.
7. Use rechargeable batteries.
8. Reduce the use of your printer as much as you can.
9. Donate your spare clothes or everything that you might not
need at social structures and solidarity organizations.
10. Borrow or lease tools.
11. Repair broken products or devices.
12. Cooperate with your municipality to remove the branches
and boughs from your garden.
13. Find where the green spots are within your municipality
and make sure that unusable things, devices, furniture, etc. are
being transferred there.
Remember; “The lesser the waste – The better the life”

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